Box Top Contest Begins!

Sloan PTO

Box Tops For Education Contest

It’s time once again for Sloan PTO’s Annual Box Tops For Education Contest!! This year the contest will begin on Monday, January 30th and continue through Friday February10th.
For every 50 Box Tops the students accumulate as a class, they will be awarded one (1) point. At the end of the two-week time period, the three classrooms with the most points will each win a Toys R Us gift card, in the following amounts, to purchase indoor recess educational game/books: 1st place in points $100, 2nd place in points $75, and 3rd place in points $50.
The students are to bring in their Box Tops every day during the contest and give them to the classroom teacher. They will need to be put into groups of 50 by classroom (or please separate them into groups of 50 prior to sending them into school). Label the baggie or envelope as “”50”” with the teacher’s name on It so your child’s class receives accurate credit.
Every Tuesday and Thursday morning before class begins, the teacher will send a student down to the table in front of the main office to turn in the baggies/bundles and be credited with points for the classroom. A chart will be hung in front of the cafeteria showing each classroom and how many points have accumulated each week.
The contest will end on Friday, February 10th with the winners announced on the afternoon announcements. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Box Tops Chair, Myon Valentino at 724-327-5413. Thank you for your support!

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