Spring 2012 Book Fair

We invite you to visit our Sloan Book Fair entitled Book Fair Luau – It’s a Reading Celebration! – it is part of an exciting reading event that brings to school a wonderful selection of fun, engaging, and affordable books kids want to read, and joining in the universal mission: encouraging kids to read every day so they can lead better lives.

Children will be visiting the Sloan Book Fairfrom Feb. 13th – 16th during the school day, where they will be allowed to purchase books during their visit. They will visit by classroom during the times listed. You may wish to volunteer for a few hours during the time of your child’s classroom visit.

If you are sending money, remember all items are subject to 6% sales tax, so please include this in your check or payment. Please make checks payable to “Sloan PTO” and include your phone number. Change will be given for checks made out in excess of the amount of purchase.

Find more information, class book fair times and volunteer forms on the website. 

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