Market Day Committee Chair Needed

Danielle Beard has served as the Market Day Committee Chair and been an active part of the Sloan PTO for many years. However, when the school year ends this year, Danielle will no longer have children at Sloan and sadly will be moving on. This will create a vacancy for a Market Day Committee Chair person. This is a monthly fundraiser that generates a good portion of revenue for the PTO. Most of the Market Day customers place their orders online now which simplifies the ordering process and then there is a monthly pick up date. On the pick up date, the items are delivered to the school, the Market Day Committee sorts the delivery and then each order is packed and ready for pick up. It is helpful to have several Committee Chairs, or Co-Chairs. We would like to have our new Committee Chair work with Danielle the last few months of this school year to learn the process. Please consider volunteering.


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