Sloan Students Meet, Greet, Cheer Local Police, Fire and EMT Personnel

Most days a school parking lot full of emergency vehicles would be cause for alarm, but not last Thursday.  On February 23rd, local firefighters, police officers and EMTs, along with their respective fire trucks, cruisers and ambulances, swarmed our school for the annual Sloan Elementary Heroes Lunch.

A welcoming display case, patriotic decorations and student-crafted posters greeted heroes from Delmont, White Valley, Sardis and Murrysville Fire Departments, Murrysville Police Department and Medic One.  Kid Kouncil members escorted visitors to tables, took orders, and served lunch…hero sandwiches.  In return, the heroes delighted children with exciting stories about their jobs.

School Resource Officer, William “Officer Buzz” Yakshe, who was quite nearly mobbed by cheering students when he entered the cafeteria, said, “This event is so much fun.  We look forward to it every year.”   And according to event Co-Chairperson Lori Henninger, so do the children.  “They are so excited to see these heroes right in their school.”

While older students showed their admiration for our local heroes with cheers and high-fives, the Kindergartners capped off the event with a serenade, singing “I wanna be a superhero, when I grow up, Just Like You!”

id Kouncil member Sarah Friedman serves Medic One EMT Nick Wilson during Sloan Elementary’s Heroes Lunch.

Mrs. Peifer’s 5th grade class gathers around to hear Murrysville Police Captain Liermann’s exciting stories.

Mrs. Vardoulis’s Kindergarten class chats with Murrysville Police Officer Scott Kettren.

Mr. Marchese’s class cheers for Officer Buzz, with Sloan Daytime Custodian, Glenn Kepple who is also a White Valley Volunteer Firefighter.


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