Sloan 5th Grade Musical, Who Pushed Humpty?, A Huge Success!

The 2012 Sloan 5th Grade Musical, Who Pushed Humpty?, was performed to packed houses on March 8 and 9th. This latest and greatest “whodunit” welcomed all the favorite Rhymeland characters as they traveled on their journey of truthfulness to uncover who pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall. With ninety-nine 5th graders participating in the musical, it was not only a special memory for all the kids involved, but the audiences made up of families and friends also got into the act by helping out with the investigation.


Mrs. Jen Bayer, Mrs. Susanne Novelli and Mrs. Paige Perry, 5th grade parents, took on the task of directing the 5th grade musical this year. Novelli stated, “We had a very capable group of kids who did a fantastic job and we are really proud of all of them!”


Over an 8 week period, Director Jen Bayer enjoyed watching the students work hard and develop into their different roles from acting, stage crew, set building to dancing.  She was impressed mostly by the kids’ energy since they performed the musical 5 times in a 25 hour period!  Perry added that the help from the parents and Sloan staff contributed to the successful night.

“The musical was amazing and the directors did an outstanding job with our kids!  I was beyond impressed and just can’t say enough about it! BRAVO!”, said 5th grade mom, Kristen Sarnic.


What a fun family night for all and no eggs were harmed in the performances.



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