Thursday, December 6, 2012

9:30AM., LGI

WELCOME: The meeting was called to order by Michelle McFall at 9:40AM.

ATTENDANCE: The meeting was attended by 6 Members of the PTO. The following Executive Board Members were also present: President Michelle McFall; Vice

President Larry Nicolette; and Co-Secretaries Jenna Heberle and Debby Rhea.

PRESIDENTS REPORT: Michelle McFall gave a summary of the following items:

Every building in the district will have a different interpretation of district Clearance Policy 7407. Schools in the district are not working together at this time, so please keep this in mind when hearing how the policy is being implemented in other buildings. Questions regarding the Clearance Policy in our building should be directed to Principal Tina Burns.

The PTO is looking for ideas to increase attendance at the PTO monthly meetings. The possibility of holding a raffle at each meeting to award a winning classroom with a movie day was discussed. Please forward ideas to increase membership to any PTO Board Member.

Sloan Family Movie Night
Some parents are reporting that they never received flyers for this event. There may be a difference in teacher distribution of flyers depending on when they are dropped off in their mailboxes. It is suggested that if you need something to go out to parents on a certain day, leave a note on the materials in the teachers’ boxes asking for them to distribute on the requested date.

eNews Updates
The link on the Sloan PTO website to sign up for eNews Updates has not been working for many Windstream customers. If you are a Windstream customer you can either sign up for the eNews Updates with a secondary e mail address or contact Windstream to address the situation.

Code of Ethics
In the past, the PTO has not had a written policy addressing a Code of Ethics. However, our tax exempt status now requires us to have a written Code of Ethics. The language is simple and focuses primarily on maintaining respect and dignity toward the Organization and its members. The Board will sign the document and as with all documents it will be fully transparent and available on the website.

Meeting Reschedule
The March 7th meeting has been rescheduled for March 5th.

Teacher Grants
Some of the teachers have requested ink jet cartridges rather than pencil sharpeners for their classrooms. This request was approved although the pros and cons of the PTO agreeing to pay for operating expenses rather than a one-time benefit to a classroom was discussed at length.

Stuff a Backpack Program
A committee will need to be formed to run this program. The program will provide approximately 30 backpacks filled with school supplies at the start of the next school year. This will not currently be a food program, but may evolve into that in the future. The names of the recipients will not be given to any volunteers for confidentiality reasons. The PTO and committee members will be working with the school guidance counselors to determine need.

After School Programs
The Lab Ratz program was a success and the currently running Snapology and Crafty Shack programs has been very well received and attended.

APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES: The Minutes from the November 1st General PTO Meeting were approved by the Membership in attendance

TREASURER’S REPORT: Current expenditures and income were outlined. The PTO had a net loss of $5732.65 for this month. Current year to date is $28,245.75 in income and $21,675.74 in expenses for a net profit of $6570.01.


Emergency Kits
$400 total with 10 orders submitted. The fundraiser was not as successful as expected, but will be given another chance for the 2013-2014 school year.

Holiday Shop
The Holiday Shop was up and running smoothly at the time of the meeting.

Market Day
5 pies were donated to the Food Bank.

Garden Club
Third Grade Garden Club is going very well. Parents are reminded to send in their RSVPs as well as notes to their children’s teachers so that the committee can be prepared for the number of children attending.

The Snapology program has been a big hit with many participants and very positive feedback from the children in attendance has been received.

Teacher Holiday Luncheon

The Teacher Holiday Luncheon is being held on Wednesday December 12, 2012.

Father-Daughter Dance
The Father-Daughter Dance will be held on February 1st. Save the date notices will be going home with students soon.


Yearbook Pictures
It was suggested that the yearbook include pictures of PTO events. This idea will be discussed with Principal Tina Burns. It was reported that Lifetouch has already been approached and will not charge any more to exchange a few pages of the ‘snapshot’ pictures with pictures of PTO events. The PTO will continue to discuss the amount of work required to make this change and the volunteers needed to assist.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 10:57 AM

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