November 1 Meeting Minutes

Sloan Elementary PTO General Assembly Meeting

Thursday, November 1, 2012

9:30 a.m.


WELCOME:  The meeting was called to order by President Michelle McFall at 9:38 a.m.


ATTENDANCE:  The meeting was attended by 9 Members and Principal Burns.  The following Board Members were present:  President Michelle McFall; Treasurer Larry Nicolette; and Co-Secretary Debby Rhea.


SECRETARIES’ REPORT:  Copies of the minutes from October 3 General Assembly Meeting were provided to those in attendance and briefly reviewed.  Motion to accept the minutes was made by Larry Nicolette, seconded by Michelle McFall, and approved by all.




1.  Accomplishments to Date


A.  Josh&Gab Anti-Bullying Assembly:  This assembly was brought to the

school by Guidance Counselor Laura Wurzell and the Olweus team.  The PTO

and the School Board shared the cost.  The engaging and interactive assembly

consisted of performers addressing the concept of bullying through music and

skits.  Because the materials fall in line with the mission of the PTO and the

Olweus curriculum and were so well received by students, there was

discussion about bringing Josh&Gab back for future assemblies, with new and

exciting songs and skits.  Because familiarity can breed boredom, a consensus

to split the cost of funding future Josh&Gab assemblies every other year was



  1. B.     Book Fair:  Profits for the first Book Fair of the year were $9753.  Mrs.Burns

       thanked the volunteers who worked to make the fair a success, especially

those who helped on Open House nights.  Thank you to Book Fair Co-Chairs

Kate Sell, Jodi Vollero, and Robin Wareham for such a successful event.


  1. C.    Bake Sale:  Profits for the year’s first Bake Sale totaled $604.01.  This exceeded the projected profits by approximately 20%.  Unlike in previous years, the Bake Sale was held in the front lobby, as opposed to in the cafeteria, which seemed to have generated a great deal more traffic and sales.  Special thanks were given to Bake Sales Co-Chairs Kate Manka and Jen Boyer.
  2. B.      Fall Family Fun Night:  This evening was a fun and festive time that built upon and further fostered the sense of community that is shared among Sloan families.  Special thanks were given to Co-Chairs Jen Boyer and Krista Cirell and their team of volunteers for the event’s success.


  1. C.    Homeroom Parties:  The first homeroom parties of the year were fun and engaging.  However, issues relative to signing in and parking were raised.


  • For subsequent homeroom parties, there will be grade level tables in the lobby overseen by staff members to check party volunteers in.  Additionally, a suggestion was made to have afternoon parties on different days (e.g., grades 1, 3, and 5 on one day and grades 4 and 5 on another).
  • Mrs. Burns addressed a common question about whether or not there can be more time allotted to homeroom parties.  Due to lunch schedules, the earliest start time for parties is 2:15.
  • Mrs. Burns discussed the rationale for the policy of not allowing younger children to accompany homeroom party volunteers, which essentially boils down to 3 main concerns:  safety (choking hazards); communicable illnesses (Young children are more susceptible to germs.); and sanitary conditions (children who are potty training or in diapers).  The PTO Board will communicate this rationale to the Homeroom Committee Co-Chairs and the Membership in greater detail.
  • Relative to the policy against young children to accompanying parent volunteers to parties, Mrs. Burns suggested the possibility of the PTO providing child care services for parents with little ones who would not be able to volunteer for homeroom parties otherwise.  If pursued, the child care volunteers would require Level 2 Clearances.  President Michelle McFall will take this suggestion to the Homeroom Parent Committee Co-Chairs for further discussion.


  1. Playground Update:  The recently refurbished Panther Playground has a new tetherball.  The previous tetherball was removed because its density/hardness resulted in some student injuries.  The new ball is softer, but children are still getting hurt, primarily because of the way they area playing.  President Michelle McFall will contact Director of District Services Dennis Majewski to inquire about purchasing and posting a sign that delineates the rules for playing tetherball.  The suggestion was also made to have homeroom teachers review and reinforce the rules of play. Additionally, the PTO provided another “batch” of chalk for recess play.


  1. Officer Elections:  Officer elections will take place at the PTO Meeting on Thursday, April 4th at 9:30 a.m.  Four of the current five Board Members’ terms will be ending effective June 7, 2013.  The following positions will be vacant:  President; Vice President; Treasurer; and one Co-Secretary.  Anyone interested in learning more about these positions is encouraged to contact a Board Member who will provide you with more information.  Newly elected Officers will be able to shadow outgoing Officers and receive mentoring for the last nine weeks of school to help provide a smooth transition.


  1. Collaboration with Heritage Elementary PTO:  The PTO is collaborating with Heritage Elementary’s PTO to put together an internet safety presentation for families.  Plans are in the making, although no date has been set yet.  School Resource Officer Buzz Yakshe will be one of the presenters.


  1. Meeting Topics/Speakers:  The PTO is accepting suggestions for topics and speakers for future meetings.  Please forward your suggestions to a Board Member.  The PTO hopes to bring back Dr. Brecht to discuss the new math curriculum, as well as Officer Buzz.


  1. Condolences:  Those in attendance were informed about the passing of Kindergarten teacher Kari O’Brien’s mother and Clerical Chairperson Debbie Reitz’s father.  The PTO will be expressing condolences to them formally.






1.   Backpack Stuffing:  Plans are in the making for a new outreach committee that

would solicit donations of food items to give to needy Sloan families in a non-

invasive and anonymous fashion.  The PTO is in the process of getting

information from Heritage Elementary’s PTO, where the program is a big

success, and has also set up a meeting with Guidance Counselor Laura Wurzell to

determine how many families would benefit from the program if free and reduced

lunches were used as the eligibility criteria.  The possibility of receiving help

from local Girl Scouts working toward achieving service hours was also



  1. PERKS Grants:  The PTO Board will be determining which teacher grant requests to fulfill in the near future.  Currently, requests have been made to purchase an additional copier for the clerical room and to purchase pencil sharpeners for each classroom.  Although no vote was taken, all present were in favor of providing pencil sharpeners.





  • Income for the month of October totaled $11,024.53.
  • Expenses for the month of October totaled $8770.34.
  • The net profit for the month of October was $2254.19.
  • As regards our year-to-date figures, we are over budget on revenue and under budget on expenses.




  • Original Works has ended.  Items should be delivered to the school for distribution on or before November 27.


  • Vocelli Cards are being sold year-round for $10.00.  For more information, contact Discount Food Card Co-Chairs Shelly Traphagen and Nancy Moser.


  • The Sarris candy and Beall’s poinsettias Winter Fundraiser sales have ended.  Pick up will be Thursday, November 29 from 11:00 – 8:00 in the LGI.


  • Market Day sales orders are due to school on November 5th or online on November 8th.  Delivery will be on Wednesday, November 14th from 3:15 to 4:15.  November is Bonus Days for pies and the more pies that are sold, the greater the percentage of the profit the PTO earns.  In addition, Members are encouraged to purchase pies to donate to the Mother of Sorrows Food Pantry, which is part of the Westmoreland County Food Bank, to help complete Thanksgiving meals for needy families.  Because the Westmoreland County Food Bank no longer receives baked goods or desserts, pies would be most appreciated.


  • Family Movie Night has been scheduled for Friday, December 7th at 6:30 p.m. in the LGI.  Plans are still in the making, so look for information about the movie (possibly Brave) and the venue (picnic blanket style?) to come home soon.


  • A new two-week long fundraiser, Emergency Preparedness Kits Sales, is almost underway.  Prices for the items available for purchase will range from $5 to $30 and would make great holiday gifts.  Look for information to come home with your children during the week of November 5th.


  • The Teacher Holiday Luncheon has been scheduled for Wednesday, December 12th.  Look for information to come home soon relative to donating food items and helping with set-up, serving and clean-up.


MEMBERSHIP INPUT:  PTO Member Theresa Gutierrez apprised those in attendance that Thursday, November 15th is National Children’s Grief Awareness Day. Everyone is encouraged to wear blue.  For more information, go to:



ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 10:51 a.m. with a motion made by Larry Nicolette, seconded by Lori Henninger, and favored by all.


NEXT PTO MEETING:  Thursday, December 9 at 9:30 a.m. in the LGI

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