Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7:00PM, LGI Annex

WELCOME:  The meeting was called to order by President Michelle McFall at 7:02PM.


ATTENDANCE:  The meeting was attended by 11 members of the PTO.  The following Executive Board Members were also present: President Michelle McFall; Vice President Wendy Lindeman; Treasurer Larry Nicolette; and Co-Secretary Jenna Heberle.


PRESIDENT’S REPORT:  Michelle opened the meeting by thanking the Father- Daughter Dance Committee for their excellent job and fun time had by all at the Father-Daughter Dance.  A letter from a Member of the PTO was read aloud thanking Theresa Gutierrez for her work on the dance.  Michelle reminded the Membership in attendance that elections for next year’s Board and Committee Chairs will take place at the Voting Meeting on Thursday, April 4th at 9:30 AM in the LGI.  Any new event ideas for next year can be considered at that time.  Principal Tina Burns must approve all events.  Vacancies for Board and Committee positions will be posted soon on the Sloan PTO website.


The Board has made recommendations for Officers for next year, but any candidate is able to be nominated.  Jennifer Taylor has been recommended for President, Pam Rowell for Vice President, and Heidi Groth for Co-Secretary.  Co-Secretary Jenna Heberle will be staying on the Board until her two-year term ends in June, 2014. Some of these recommended people have been shadowing current Board Members to get an idea of their prospective job requirements.  All candidates will be considered at the April meeting.


Michelle also reminded the Membership that there are many ways to stay informed of upcoming events and participate in discussions about important matters at our school.  The Sloan PTO website, Sloan PTO Facebook page, and signing up for the eNews publications on the Sloan PTO website are all ways that the Membership can stay involved.



VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT: Wendy Lindeman outlined the teacher grants that were distributed and upcoming assemblies.  Twenty  pencil sharpeners, as well as some ink jet cartridges were delivered to the teachers as part of the teacher grants.  The upcoming assemblies are as follows: Visiting Author John Manders in March; Jump Rope for Heart on April 5th; Earth Day assembly on April 22nd, NED Anti-Bullying assembly on May 13th; and Tom Diez on May 31st.  The PTO Board was asked if we could fit in another science assembly to kick-off Science Night and the Science and Art Fair but the discussion was tabled until next year because of limitations in the schedule.


TREASURER’S REPORT: The current expenditures and income were outlined.  Current year to date is $52,672 in income and $47,973 in expenses for a net profit of $4,699.   The projected net income at the end of the year is zero.



Science and Art Fair

Kick-off of the Science and Art Fair began with the committee going classroom to classroom dressed as mad scientists to get the students interested.   The Science and Art Fair will be held differently this year.  There will be 2 groups of students, K-3 and 4-5. Fourth and fifth graders will be expected to use the scientific method.  Additionally, students can sign up to have their projects judged.  If they choose to have their projects judged, the students will have to stand next to their project and present it to a judge.  All students will get a participation dog tag, but trophies will be given to the projects receiving the highest rankings by the judges.  The fair will be held on April 12th.

Science Night

Science Night will be March 22nd.  Families will go station to station to see science experiments.  There will be a booth for Science Night at the Science and Art Fair.

Market Day

Market day has had steady sales. Next month there are only 3 weeks between pick ups due to the holiday.

Spirit Sales

Sprit Sales will take place on March 21st and 22nd.  Swim bags will be on sale for $8.

Fifth Grade Farwell

A planning meeting for the Fifth Grade Farwell will take place on February 28th at noon I the LGI Annex/Creative Arts Room.  The Farwell will have a “Welcome to the Jungle” theme.

Relay for Life

The Relay for Life will take place on Saturday and Sunday, May 18th and 19th.  Sloan will have a team that will be raising money.  If you are interested in walking for Sloan please join the team by visiting: .


NEW BUSINESS: The PTO is looking into the possibility of purchasing one or more Elmo’s for the school. An Elmo is an overhead projector which can project any image.  Specifications will be submitted to the Membership for discussion.  Treasurer Larry Nicolette said he is against the purchase of an Elmo by the PTO, because he feels the school should be paying for operating expenditures.


The PTO is also looking into building a basketball court out front near the driveway.  The district would pay for all labor, and the PTO would pay for the equipment.  The children could then use the basketball court during recess when weather does not permit them to use the playgrounds.



A raffle was held for all in attendance.  Jenna Heberle won a movie party for Mrs. Connors’s 2nd grade class.  A raffle will be held each at PTO meeting for all who attend.



The next General Assembly Meeting will be held on Tuesday, March 5th at 7:00 PM in the Cafeteria.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM.

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