October 2nd Clearances Workshop

Wednesday, October 2 from 6-8 pm at Heritage

If you are interested in obtaining your clearances and fingerprinting to volunteer at Franklin Regional for chaperoning field trips, going to Deer Valley with your fifth grader, being a homeroom parent, attending classroom parties, assisting in the computer lab or library, providing clerical support, helping in a classroom, or any other regular volunteering, the Heritage PTO is holding another Clearances Workshop on Wednesday, October 2 from 6:00-8:00 pm. The workshop will take place in the Heritage Computer Lab in the lower level of Heritage (on the same floor as the cafeteria). We will have online access to forms, stamps, envelopes, cashiers’ checks, and a mobile provider who will do the fingerprinting. You will need the following items: a credit card; your social security number; driver’s license or passport (photo ID); addresses of where you lived since 1975 (partial or complete); and $10 in cash. The cost is $10 for PA Criminal Clearance (credit card), $10 for Child Abuse Clearance ($10 cash – cashier’s check will be provided), and if you need the fingerprints, $28.75 (credit card). Please join us!

Barb Henry

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