March 18, 2014 Minutes

Sloan PTO General Membership Meeting

March 18, 2014

7:00 P.M. – Sloan Elementary LGI 

Call to Order:  The meeting was called to order at 7:04 PM by President Jennifer Taylor.

Attendance:  The meeting was attended by all 5 Executive Board Members (President Jennifer Taylor, Vice President Pam Rowell, Secretary Debby Rhea, Co-Secretary Megan Ciaramitaro, and Treasurer Nancy Golembiewski), Principal Tina Burns, and 15 PTO Members.

 Minutes:  Motion to approve the Minutes from the January 16, 2014 meeting was made Jeanine Snyder and second by Lori Henninger.  All were in favor.

Vice President’s Report:  Vice President Pam Rowell shared information about recent assemblies and the upcoming assembly f or Field Day.

  • Darren Miller –On January 30th, our Fourth and Fifth grade students celebrated their participation in the “Wild About Reading” contest with an assembly by world class athlete and motivational Speaker, Darren Miller.
  • Outback Ray – On February 6th, our Kindergarten, First, Second, and Third Graders were rewarded for their participation in the “Wild About Reading” contest with an assembly from the dynamic Outback Ray.  It was a wonderful hands-on experience for everyone and made the cover of the Murrysville Star.
  • Tom Diez (Field Day) – The last assembly of the year that is sponsored by the PTO is at Field Day.  This year, we are looking to fill some pretty big shoes.  Mr. Tom Diez, whose presentations brought the wonders of nature and adventure to Sloan students for many years, passed away earlier this year.  The Board is currently working with Mrs. Callihan and Mrs. Burns to come up with a different assembly.  It was suggested that maybe we contact the History Center or Soldiers and Sailors to bring in one of their History Assemblies as a possible replacement.

Treasurer’s Report:  Treasurer Nancy Golembiewski provided copies of the year-to-date budget to those in attendance.  Fundraisers that have taken place since the January General Assembly were reviewed as follows:

·         Zumba Night had 12 participants and raised $120 for the PTO.

·         The Bake Sale held during Mrs. Hartman’s Sloan Art Show in January brought total Bake Sales revenue to almost $1000, which is about $400 above the projected revenue for the school year.  The next, and final, Bake Sale will be held during the Science & Art Fair on Friday, April 25. 

·         The Box Tops Contest raised $3435 for the PTO.  There were also leftover Box Tops from last year, which accounted for roughly $600 in additional revenue.

·         The Spring Fundraiser has a current income of roughly $5200, but an invoice from the vendors has not yet been received.  This amount is nearly ½ of what was sales were projected to be.

·         Field Trip invoices are starting to come in, and that means our expenses will be mounting, as is typical for the second semester of the school year.

Updates and changes that have occurred to the PTO calendar are as follows:

·         The Talent Show that was scheduled for January was cancelled.

·         The Bake Sale that was scheduled for Science Night in February has been moved to the Science & Art Fair in April.

·         Spring Homeroom parties, which were originally scheduled for Tuesday April 15th, have been moved to April 17th because of the multiple snow days which have shortened our Spring Break.

·         The Book Fair, which was originally scheduled for the week of March 31st, has been moved to the week of May 12th due to changes in PSSA dates, which require the use of the LGI for small group testing.

·         The Staff Appreciation Luncheon, which was scheduled for May 14th, has been moved to May 7th, because the Book Fair has been moved to May 14th, and the LGI cannot host two events at the same time.

·         The Duck Race is scheduled for May 12th, and the Duck Race Committee is hoping for some good weather during the days leading up to and on the day of the race, so an alternate date does not need to be found.

·         The PTO Board developed an informal policy for recognizing and gifting to retiring teachers at the annual Spring Staff Appreciation Luncheon.

·         The PTO is investigating a new and easier way to do clothing sales.  A local graphic designer is currently working with Jenn on some different logos that could allow the clothing sales to take place on line, throughout the entire school year.

·         Mrs. Callihan and Kid Kouncil, with PTO funding and volunteer assistance, put on a wonderful Heroes’ Luncheon.  Forty heroes were in attendance, most of whom were from Murrysville VFD, Sardis VFD, Medic One, and Murrysville PD.


Upcoming Events:  The best way to stay informed of upcoming PTO-sponsored activities is to refer to the Dates to Remember section of the E-News publications and to visit the PTO’s website calendar at 

·         March Math Madness will occur on Wednesday March 19th.  Many thanks to all of the people who have volunteered to help Dr. Brecht put on this wonderful event.

·         The planning for Science Night, which will be held on Friday, March 28th, is well underway.

·         The Father-Daughter Dance, scheduled for Friday April 4th, is getting a positive response for turnout, even though the flyers just went home.  This year, four lucky father-daughter couples, who have registered and paid by Thursday March 27th, will win a free limo ride to and from the dance.

·         The 3rd Grade Garden Club will begin its spring meetings in April.  Details and permission slips for the 1st meeting will be out shortly.

·         The Voting Meeting for PTO Committees and the Co-Secretary position, which Deb Rhea is running for, will take place on Thursday April 10th at 9:30.  Some of the committees with known vacancies are:

o   Book Fair

o   Emergency Preparedness Kits – a Co-Chair to work with Theresa Gutierrez

o   Fall Family Fun Night

o   Fundraising Committee – This is a committee that the PTO is forming to help gather information about different and new ways that the PTO could possibly raise our income.  Monica Bush has displayed an interest of spearheading this committee.

o   Fifth Grade Farewell committee currently has three people interesting in being Co-Chairs and could probably use a few more.

o   The Homeroom Parent Committee is looking for a Co- hair to work with Shelly Traphagen.

o   KidStuff Books

o   Photography Committee

o   Talent Show

o   Third Grade Garden Club – Incoming 3rd grade parents whose children love to garden may want to consider this.  Currently, the 3rd Grade Garden Club meets 4 times in the fall, is off for the winter, and is scheduled to meet 4 times in the spring.  Elaine Yarabinetz has expressed interest in this committee.


·         Sloan PTO Spring Family Movie Night will be on Friday, April 11th.  The movie for this night will be Disney’s Frozen.  The event is free, and popcorn and water will be served.   So, bring your blankets, towels, etc., and enjoy the evening.

·         The Sloan PTO Science &Art Fair and Bake Sale will occur Friday, April 25.  Nancy Golembiewski has a wonderful team of volunteers helping her out with this event.  If anyone is interested in helping out with this event, please contact Nancy at

·         Relay for Life will start at 9:00 AM on Saturday, May 17th and end at 9:00 AM on Sunday, May 18th.  Chris Sadoski, Relay Chair, reminded people the kids do not need to register as walkers.  This is a wonderful community event honoring an excellent cause.  If you have never attended this event, it is definitely worth it.  Chris also noted that the local Relay Committee is looking for help.  This year, Duck Race t-shirts are being sold, and a portion of the money will go directly to the Duck Race total that the school raises for the American Cancer Society.

·         The PTO Year End Meeting on May 21st will allow us to thank our outgoing 5th grade parents who have donated so much time over the years.

·         The SportsClips Fundraiser will run through June 30th.  The locally owned and operated SportClips salon in Murrysville discounts haircuts by $2.00 for our patrons, and Sloan PTO earns $2.00.

PTO Goals:

One of the goals of the PTO is to move toward streamlined, paperless communications.  We were reminded that there are many things to consider before doing so, but most feel that this is a wonderful and attainable idea.  Some of the suggestions included having registrations for events (like the Science and Arts Fair) occur online (which is currently beyond the functioning capacity of our website), posting a survey on the website that would allow families to determine whether to have papers sent home to them or receive things via email, and sending home a bookmark at the beginning of the year outlining what events will occur during the school year and when. This could be difficult, however as event dates change when unforeseen scheduling conflicts arise.  We are also encouraging people to sign up for the eNews, join the Sloan PTO Press Facebook Page (, and regularly visit the PTO web site (

We would also love to find a way to continue to increase PTO Membership and participation throughout the school year at events, in volunteer capacities, and at meetings. We have 441+ families in our school, and roughly 65 volunteers are on the list to come to the Volunteer Brunch at the end of the year.  Suggestions for how to increase active involvement are always welcome.

Future Ideas/Events:

We would like to find one “BIG” fundraiser to raise most of our money, instead of many smaller ones throughout the year, which may become wearisome for families.  Additionally, several of our traditional fundraisers are beginning to wane in interest and profit, and adding new fundraisers to the schedule is likely to conflict with other district and community events and activities.  Some suggestions that were offered were:

·         BINGO NIGHT

·         Consignment Shop

·         More heavily publicizing and emphasizing our annual Fund Drive

·         Dodge Ball Tournament

·         Dance-a-Thon (during school hours where students would get sponsors)

·         Charging for (drop off) Movie Nights

·         Charging for Fall Family Fun Night if we’re able to secure Chairpersons for the event

Kara Bertucci was going to contact Five Below in Monroeville and see about getting a date were Sloan PTO families and friends can take in a flyer with our unique code on it, and 10% of their purchases will come back to the PTO.

Some other events that people would like to see occur:

·         Father/Son Golf Tournament in the spring

·         Mother/Daughter Event

·         Earth Day Assembly

·         Adding PTO event photos to the Year Book.

Adjournment:  Jennifer Taylor motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:40 pm.  This was second by Lori Henninger and favored by all.

The next General Assembly Meeting will be our Voting Meeting, which will take place on Thursday April 10th, 2014 at 9:30 AM in the LGI.

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