November 11, 2014 Minutes

Sloan PTO General Assembly Meeting

November 11, 2014; 7:00 PM

WELCOME:  The meeting was called to order by President Jennifer Taylor at 7:04 PM.

IN ATTENDANCE:  The meeting was attended by 5 Members of the PTO, President Jennifer Taylor, Treasurer Nancy Golembiewski, Secretary Debby Rhea and Co-Secretary Megan Ciaramitaro

SEPTEMBER MEETING MINUTES:  The Minutes from the September 9, 2014 meeting were approved with a motion made by Nancy Golembiewski, seconded by Amie Fricke, and favored by all.

VICE PRESIDENT’S ASSEMBLIES REPORT (submitted by Pam Rowell and read by Jenn Taylor)

On October 3, the PTO brought back Josh & Gab, an interactive musical comedy duo with an anti-bullying message.  The students clapped and sang along with songs and participated and a question/answer session about overcoming bullying.  It is by far one of the best assemblies of the year.

On November 5, the Children’s Institute and Kids on the Block put on an educational puppet show.  Each assembly featured three skits, casting a light on various disabilities.  It was a great learning tool for the students, and they loved the puppets.  This assembly was at no cost to the PTO.

On November 24th, the Carnegie Science Center will present “Rockin’ Robots.”   This is an interactive assembly with real robotic technology.  The students will meet Quasi, a childlike animatronic robot who dreams of adventure.  They will learn about how robots work.  By the end of the assembly, the students will help Quasi explore land, sea, and space on his way to becoming a “Rockin’ Robot.”  This assembly will be paid for by the McKenna Grant.

On January 14th, Understanding Wildlife will come to the school.  This assembly will feature beautiful and intelligent birds, a funny capuchin monkey, colorful and unique looking snakes, and a kinkajou, which most students have never even heard of.  Their goal is to develop a desire within the audience to become more environmentally conscious.  They want our students to see how incredible some of these rainforest creatures are and to know that we really can make a difference in the lives of these animals.  The program is fun and safe, and there is NO student interaction with the animals.  This is another free assembly to the school.

TREASURER’S REPORT:  Nancy Golembiewski presented those in attendance with an updated PTO Budget for the 2014-2015 school year, which can be found on the website.  Estimated total expenses are $77,634, and projected income is $84,465, for a predicted overall balance of $6,831.  Our current amount sitting in reserves remains consistent with prior year of $9,565.85.


The fall Book Fair finished up with a profit of about $3,300 (66% of total expected profit for the year).  Thanks to Sandra Torres-Martinez and Ellen Fergus for their dedication to this huge event.

Fall Family Fun Night was fantasticThank you to everyone who donated their talents, time, and cakes.  Thanks to Erica Yurt and Amie Bradley Fricke for putting together this wonderful event.

The Father/Son Bowling event is took place on Sunday November 8th, and it was a huge success.  Thanks to Theresa Gutierrez for putting this event together.

Winter Fundraiser Delivery for Sarris candies and Beall’s Greenhouse poinsettias and pine décor will be on Thursday, December 4th in the LGI from 10 AM – 7 PM.  Volunteers are needed. If you would like to lend some of your time to assist with order pickup during these hours, please contact Winter Fundraiser Chair Corin Young at or 724-217-5950.

KidStuff Book sales are coming to an end thanks to Lori Henninger and Patty Klenoshek.  Profits from this were approximately $1,375, consisting of sales of $2,750 and expenses (cost of the books) of $1,375.


Mother/Daughter Skating event will occur this Friday, November 14, 2014.  There are about 140 signed up for the event.

The Fall Movie Night will occur on Tuesday, November 25th, and will show Mr. Peabody and Sherman

The Teacher Holiday Lunch will be on Wednesday, December 3rd.

The Holiday Shop will run from Monday, December 8th through Friday, December 12th.  Volunteer sign up information will be coming home shortly.

Winter Parties are Tuesday December 23.

This year’s Spring Fundraiser will feature Little Caesars pizza kits and Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough instead of Chocolates and Flowers.

The Dance-a-thon Committee has secured corporate sponsors and is going full speed ahead.  All of the logistics are still being worked out with Ms. Burns about when during the school day (on March 6th) this will occur.  Since this is the first year for this event, the budget is an estimate based upon the number of students at Sloan and the expected goal to be raised per student of $50, along with the costs of water bottles, prizes, and other items.  Subsequent years will have budgets based upon this year’s success.


Jenn Taylor could use help at the upcoming Mother/Daughter event.

We have a lot of committees chaired by 4th and 5th grade parents that will be vacating in the next year or two, along with all 5 Board positions being vacated by the existing Executive Board Members at the end of this school year.  If you are interested in possibly taking on one of those positions, let us know.  It is often good to be able to “shadow” those holding positions in which you are interested in order to get a good feel for whether or not it is something you are truly interested in.

CLOSING:  The meeting was adjourned at 7:36 PM with a motion made by Nancy Golembiewski, seconded by Lisa Fellner, and favored by all.

The next PTO Meeting will be on Tuesday, January 6th, at 7:00 PM in the LGI.

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