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Sometimes we forget what we have.  It's a phenomenon to which no one is immune. It is a Wonderful Life. But for a short while George Bailey forgot that.


In a school like ours where we have amazing children, wonderful teachers, an abundance of resources, possibilities for success, and people who care not only about the well being of their own families but also about the well being of their neighbors and their neighbors' neighbors as well, we can always find reasons to be grateful here -- even if sometimes we forget to.


A long time ago Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote a poem entitled "Snowflakes." There aren't too many things in this world that are as perfect - as unique - as a snowflake. Each one that's ever fallen from its birthplace in the sky is like every child who's ever been born - incredibly beautiful, unique, and in and of itself a reflection of something miraculous and awesome.


While the tone of the piece is somber and sad, something more powerful rests in a single line: "This [the snowflake] is the poem of the air..."  And despite any challenge or sadness we face, our children are the poem of our hearts. This winter break, look for the miracles and the poems that are all around you, even if your heart is heavy. Thank you to every single parent, guardian, teacher, and child for everything you do to make our school a community.


Snowflakes by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Out of the bosom of the air,

Out of the cloud-folds of her garments shaken,

Over the woodlands brown and bare,

Over the harvest-fields forsaken,

Silent, and soft, and slow

Descends the snow.


Even as our cloudy fancies take

Suddenly shape in some divine expression,

Even as the troubled heart doth make

In the white countenance confession,

The troubled sky reveals

The grief it feels. 


This is the poem of the air,

Slowly in silent syllables recorded;

This is the secret of despair,

Long in its cloudy bosom hoarded,

Now whispered and revealed

To wood and field.



Emergency Preparedness Kits

The inaugural run of the Emergency Preparedness Kits fundraiser has come to an end. We received roughly 10 orders and netted a 50% return on our investment, which resulted in a profit of approximately $200.00. The PTO will offer this fundraiser again next year, perhaps in the spring, before determining whether or not to make it an annual event. Thank you to all who placed orders!


Theresa Gutierrez, Emergency Preparedness Kits Chair


Third Grade Garden Club Flower Pot

The Third Grade Garden Club met on Wednesday, November 28th to explore the concept of flowering bulbs and "winter gardening", which consists of forcing bulbs to bloom indoors. A new approach to the instructional portion of the class was implemented by providing students with a brief Powerpoint presentation that included slides and vivid images to reinforce the lesson. Miss Cyganovich filled in for Mrs. Dolny and we were most grateful for her participation. Each third grade classroom now has its own mini flower garden in a pot. We planted ten bulbs in each pot and must wait patiently for them to sprout and give us fragrant white flowers.


Our next meeting will take place on January 30th. Look for reminders in January's PTO eNews publications and please remember to RSVP if your children will be attending future meetings. Thank you!


Gardens Co-Chairs


Kim Bell (

Laura Pasqualini (



December 6, 2012

PTO Meeting Summary

The PTO held its General Meeting on Thursday December 6, 2012 at 9:30 a.m. There were 6 Members of the PTO in attendance as well as President Michelle McFall, Vice President Larry Nicolette, and Co-Secretaries Jenna Heberle and Debby Rhea. 


The Clearance Policy was discussed and everyone was reminded that each school in the district interprets the policy differently. If you have questions about the policy at Sloan, please direct those questions to Principal Tina Burns. 


The PTO is looking for ways to increase attendance at Membership Meetings. Ideas can be forwarded to any Board Member. Sloan Family Movie Night, eNews Updates, the Sloan PTO Code of Ethics, Teacher Grants, the Stuff a Backpack Committee, and After School Programs were all discussed. 


Treasurer Larry Nicolette reported that year to date, the PTO has a net profit of $6570.01.


The PTO heard updates from the Emergency Kit, Holiday Shop, Market Day, After School Programs, Third Grade Garden Club, Father-Daughter Dance, and Teacher Holiday Luncheon committees. 


Audience input included a suggestion to change the way the Sloan yearbook is organized to incorporate pictures of PTO events.


The General Meeting originally scheduled for March 7, 2013 has been rescheduled to March 5, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.


A copy of the entire Minutes can be found here. 



After School Programs

After School Programs held the second ceramics class offered through The Crafty Shack on December 10. It was another great success. Over 70 students painted and decorated a Christmas tree plate. Thank you to all the parent volunteers and all the National Honors Society High School volunteers for the additional help. The next ceramics class, a snowman, will be held on Monday, January 14th. Please click here for more information. Additional ceramics classes will be offered throughout the school year.


The first "Let's Get Movin'" session of Snapology just wrapped up. We would like to thank everyone, especially the parent volunteers, who participated in this new to Sloan program. The next session of Snapology, entitled "Basic Training," is a military themed class where the students will build various military vehicles and models. The course will run on six Wednesdays starting January 16th, 2013. Additionally, the winter session of Lab Ratz will begin January 17th, 2013 and continue for six Thursdays. Registration forms have been posted on the PTO website and may be accessed and printed out by clicking here:


Snapology Registration Form

Lab Ratz Registration Form


A reminder sheet will be sent home after the winter break and can already by found by clicking here.


Please contact either Cede Klein ( or Chris Kuzmkowski (, After School Programs Co-Chairs, with any questions. 

Sloan Family Movie Night

Our first Sloan Family Movie Night was a comfy, cozy success. Around one hundred kids and adults settled in with blankets, pillows, sweats, and jammies to watch Disney Pixar's Brave and snack on loads of popcorn. Thanks to all who attended! Keep your eyes open for information about the next Sloan Family Movie Night on Friday, April 26th.


Jennifer Taylor and Maria Franco, Movie Night Co-Chairs



Teachers' Holiday Luncheon

The Teachers' Holiday Luncheon was a resounding success, delighting our teachers with a bountiful buffet of scrumptious treats provided by parent volunteers. As a parting gift, guests were invited to fill a take-away box from our "Sweets Bar" featuring many tempting treats and candies.


Our teachers really look forward to and enjoy this festive event. It is one of the few days when we parents can show our school's faculty and staff how much we appreciate their dedication to educating our "babies" throughout the year.


The Hospitality Committee was very fortunate to have had so many wonderful volunteers send in food and lend a hand at the event. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did! We are, as always, grateful for your help and look forward to another great luncheon during Teacher Appreciation Week in May.


Jennifer Taylor and Jeanine Snyder, Hospitality Co-Chairs



Dates To Remember 


December 21

Winter Classroom Parties


January 3

Classes resume


January 9 

Registration for winter Lab Ratz and Snapology sessions due


January 10 

Second Semester Kick-Off PTO Meeting in the LGI at 9:30


January 16 

Snapology "Basic Training" session starts for 6 Wednesdays.


January 17 

Lab Ratz starts for 6 Thursdays.


January 17 and 18 

Spirit Sales


January 21 

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - no school for students


January 22 

Sloan Student Art Show 4:30 - 7:30


January 30 

Market Day pick up and Third Grade Garden Club


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Sloan Elementary PTO Electronic Communications

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