Our Committees

2019-20 Committee Chairs

After School Programs 

Talin Drabik – talin5828@comcast.net 

This committee brings outside vendors to Sloan to provide after school programs for our students. This committee also recruits parent volunteers to monitor and assist with the classes, as necessary. Most planning can be done at home. We typically offer 4-6 programs each year.


Backpacks 2 Go 

Jen Paterline – cowterline@gmail.com 

This committee has two main tasks: 1. Coordinate the scheduling of “pack days” usually held at Heritage Elementary on Fridays, 2x per month. Pack day is approx. 2 hours. As committee chair you can choose to participate in as many or as few pack days as you are able – the schedule is up to you. You then make arrangements for the packers to deliver the packs back to Sloan that day. 2. Organize the Backpacks 2 Go Food Drive in February with our school counselors; drive lasts 2 weeks, and is concurrent with the Box Tops program. 

Bake Sales 

Tiffany Booker - bokrfam@gmail.com 

This committee organizes Bake Sales at each night of Open House in September, March Math Madness, and the Science Event. The chair coordinates volunteers to donate baked goods and assists with selling during events. 

Book Fair

 LeaAnn Chiarizio - mars2pgh@gmail.com 

Mindy Seigel - melinda.j.siegel@gmail.com 

Trish Collamer - trishcollamer@comcast.net 

This committee coordinates and hosts the Scholastic Book Fairs which are held in the fall and spring each school year. This is one of our most popular fundraisers and is a long-standing Sloan tradition. Many volunteers are needed for this committee for set-up, sale days, and clean-up. We use an easy online tool to manage volunteers. Each fair runs for one full week during school hours. In the fall, the book fair is also open in the evenings during Open House. 

Box Tops for Education

 Lindy Anderson – lindybanderson@yahoo.com 

Aimee Seitz - aimee.seitz@gianteagle.com 

This committee coordinates the school-wide collection of Box Tops from product brands such as General Mills, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Huggies, Ziploc, Scott, Hefty, etc. to generate cash rebates for Sloan. This is a year round event. Recently the process for collecting box tops has changed. It is done all online through an app that you can download. No more clipping! All you have to do is scan your receipt from the downloaded app on your phone. Download the Box Tops for Education app on your phone and once you set it up, there will be a find your school part and search Sloan Elementary school. You will still be able to send in your clipped box tops for now. 

Breakfast with Buddies

Aimee Seitz- aimee.seitz@gianteagle.com 

Jen Pechar - tomjenp@hotmail.com 

This committee will organize a breakfast where the students are allowed to ask their parents, grandparents or anyone special to them to attend a breakfast at the school. The breakfast will happen before school starts and will honor the students special guests. This event happens in the Springtime. 

Bus Driver Appreciation 

Megan Widlocher - Mfdaily@mac.com 

Lauren Sloan - lsloan46@gmail.com 

This committee coordinates tokens of appreciation for our wonderful bus drivers to thank them for their service to our children. Bus Driver Appreciation Day is usually on a Friday, the week prior to the last week of school. Communication to the parent is organized to rally parents to do something kind at their respective bus stops, and arrange for a group of parents and kids to congregate at the school to greet the buses that morning. Most work can be done at home. 


Trish Collamer - trishcollamer@comcast.net

 Mindy Siegel - melinda.j.siegel@gmail.com 

This committee coordinates the recruitment of volunteers who support teachers by making copies, die cuts, laminating, etc. Volunteers may schedule themselves to work weekly, bi-weekly, 1x per month or as a substitute throughout the school year. Schedule can be flexible. Training will be provided by Mrs. Callihan at the beginning of the year, or as needed. The current schedule is setup as two hour shifts available Mon-Fri from 9am-11 am, 11am-1 pm or 1pm-3 pm. This is a great way to get to know the teachers. 

Clothing Sales

 Lauren Sloan - lsloan46@gmail.com 

Abby Iacoboni - abbyiacoboni@yahoo.com 

The Chairpersons coordinate the annual sale of Franklin Regional and Sloan Elementary clothing products. This fundraiser occurs shortly after the school year begins; orders are usually placed right after Open House. Samples are provided by the vendor for try-on and sizing at each night of Open House. Volunteers will assist with sales and distribution, and working the evenings of Open House. 

Corporate Contribution Programs 

Shelly Ansani - shellym23@msn.com 

The Chairperson is responsible for promoting and educating our Sloan families on these various programs that earn FREE money (or other incentives) for our school. Sloan currently participates in the following programs: 

· Giant Eagle Apples for Students 

· Shop ‘N Save S.E.E.D (Students Extra Educational Development) 

· Amazon Smile 

· Corporate Gift Matching This is the only committee where your “volunteer” time simply requires you to do your normal routine shopping! All work can be done from home. 


 Lisa Prasad – sloandanceathon2019@yahoo.com

This committee organizes the annual Dance-a-Thon held each October during school hours. The Dance-A-Thon is our biggest fundraiser, which encourages physical fitness in a fun and energetic way. There are many ways to volunteer for this committee; Prep for this event begins as soon as possible. 

Display Case

 Tiffany Booker - bokrfam@gmail.com 

The committee decorates the display cases in the entry to showcase the upcoming PTO activities and/or seasons. This is the first thing our visitors, students and parents see when they enter the school. Volunteers may sign up to help decorate. Most work can be done at home with the exception of the time needed in school to do the displays. 

Duck Race

 Chris Sadoski – chris@sadoski.org 

This committee organizes the annual Duck Race in Pearson Creek to benefit the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life. Volunteers may assist on the day of the event in May 

Excess for Recess

 Heather Rusciewicz - hrusiewicz@gmail.com 

Selena Barefoot - selenab333@gmail.com 

This committee coordinates the collection of gently used games and toys to be used in the classroom or at recess. Donations can be dropped off in the school lobby. In the fall we will have a “store” and give the teachers “money” to buy items for their classrooms. 

Fall Family Event

 Aimee Seitz - aimee.seitz@gianteagle.com 

Cory Renn - cory.downes@gmail.com 

The Committee plans an evening of family fun as the beginning of the school year/welcome back, community building experience. 

Fifth Grade Farewell

 Tricia Mitchell - patricia.mitchell16@yahoo.com

 LeaAnn Chiarizio - mars2pgh@gmail.com 

This committee plans an end-of-the-year farewell party for fifth grade students. Volunteers may help coordinate and assist at the event. Each year has a different theme and it is a terrific way to send off our kids to the middle school. The event is usually held the last week of school. 

Holiday Shop 

Jessica Conner – jessicaconner17@yahoo.com 

Michelle Laborda – michelle.laborda@gmail.com 

This committee coordinates the annual Holiday Shop in the LGI where students shop for holiday gifts for friends and family. The shop runs for one full week during school hours. This holiday 

shop has been a time-honored tradition at Sloan. Volunteers are needed during set-up, sale days, and clean-up. 

Homeroom Parents

 Selena Barefoot - Selena.FR.PTO@gmail.com 

Amanda Urban - Amanda.FR.PTO@gmail.com

The chairperson(s) selects homeroom parents for each teacher’s classroom based on selection guidelines provided and leads the Homeroom Parents. The chair also helps guide the homeroom parents on clearance questions, party guidelines, and general “how to” host a PTO event. The homeroom parent for each class coordinates three homeroom parties (Fall, Winter, Spring), coordinates volunteers for Field Day held in late May/early June and collects for an option end-of-year teacher gift. Party volunteers are responsible for providing food, beverages, and paper products, choosing the craft, activity, and/or game(s) and providing necessary supplies (no PTO reimbursement provided for parties). 

Hospitality & Staff Appreciation

 Erin Helbig - eeturtle06@gmail.com 

Amanda Urban - amandaurban@verizon.net 

The main focus of this committee is to coordinate a luncheon for teachers and staff during Teacher Appreciation Week in May. In addition, this committee provides treats/snacks to be left in the teacher’s lounge during the parent/teacher conference day in November. Most of the organizing can be done from home. Plan to be at school for a period of time on the day of each event, or arrange for someone else to be there. 

Kindergarten Welcoming/New Student Orientation 

Tiffany Booker - bokrfam@gmail.com 

Connie Shirey - constance.shirey@gmail.com 

This committee provides support during Kindergarten/New Family Orientation in early-to-mid AUGUST (one morning and one afternoon session) and greets new families throughout the year. The chairperson(s) act as a “mentor” to assist with orientation and provide support to parents who have questions. They also provide Sloan Spirit Gear and a welcome note to students who start at Sloan during the course of the year. 


Carol Krause - cheyger@gmail.com 

This chairperson is responsible for attending PTO events and homeroom parties to take pictures. The pictures will be posted on the PTO website and stored for potential use by Lifetouch in the yearbook. 


Natalie Swensson – natalieswen@gmail.com 

The Chairperson submits articles and photos of Sloan activities to newspapers such as the Penn Franklin News and Murrysville Star. This committee works closely with the Dance-A-Thon in October. 

Relay for Life 

Chris Sadoski – chris@sadoski.org 

The Chairperson coordinates activities between Sloan and the Relay for Life Committee to register Team Sloan and participates in the Relay, which is held one weekend in May. The Chairperson also works with the Duck Race Committee to coordinate donations. Volunteers may walk or plan fundraisers during this event. 

Science Event 

Natalie Nevi - nnevi@comcast.net 

Angela Paradise - dturtlez13@aol.com

Stephanie & Tom Zalewski – stephaniezalewski@gmail.com 

These chairpersons coordinate ONE EXPLOSIVE EVENT featuring: 

· Science Night – hands-on experiments, games and demonstrations (at various stations throughout the school) · The Science & Art Fair – student projects, judged and non-judged (in the gym) The committee collaborates with teachers and students from Sloan, FRMS and FRHS for the demonstrations and judging of projects. The evening is a family affair held one Friday night in the Spring. 

Spirit Sales

 Chris Sadoski – chris@sadoski.org 

The Chairperson coordinates the sale of “school spirit items,” such as bead necklaces, pencils, stickers, tattoos, spirit towels, water bottles, and swim bags during Spirit Sales Days. Sales are held 3x/year for 2-3 days each time during the morning arrival of students. Volunteers are needed from 8:30 until 9:15 a.m. on the day of the sale. 

Spring Family Event 

Aimee Seitz - aimee.seitz@gianteagle.com 

Cory Renn - cory.downes@gmail.com

 The Chairpersons plan an evening of family fun in the Spring as a fun way to bring students and parents together outside of school. It is a wonderful community building experience. 

Student Directory 

Shelly Ansani - shellym23@msn.com 

Connie Shirey - constance.shirey@gmail.com 

Tiffany Booker - bokrfam@gmail.com

The Chairperson publishes the student address and telephone directory. Volunteers assist with data input, copying, proofreading, and coordinating orders. The directory is completed in September/October.